Tenant Information

  • The Lake County Sheriff's Office is the only agency that enforces evictions.
  • Landlords or homeowners cannot legally prevent a tenant(s) from entering the premises under any circumstance (i.e. changing the locks) unless an eviction was enforced.
  • An eviction will be scheduled for enforcement following the Lake County Sheriff's Office receipt of a court order (Forcible Entry and Detainer Order (PDF)), signed by a Judge.
  • If landlord/owner attempts to evict a tenant(s) prior to the date listed on the Final Eviction Notice, tenant(s) should contact their local law enforcement agency.
  • An eviction can be stopped by the Plaintiff/Plaintiff’s Attorney, a Civil Process Deputy the day of the eviction, a motion filed within 30 days of the eviction order prior to the actual eviction (Section 1203 of the Code of Civil Procedure), or a court order signed by a judge specifically staying/stopping the eviction.  If the tenant(s) receives a stay order, it is the tenant(s)’s responsibility to notify the landlord/owner and the Sheriff’s Office, on the same day, to ensure the eviction is canceled.  The Sheriff’s Office will not contact the landlord/owner.
A tenant seeking assistance with food, shelter, and/or medical services may view the Family Crisis Services Brochure (PDF), PADS Emergency Shelter Sites or connect with the 211 Lake County website.