Eviction Information

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office does not provide legal advice. The Sheriff’s Office may provide information about its policies and procedures for Service of Process. This should not be considered legal advice. If you have questions related to legal issues, contact an attorney or visit the 19th Judicial Circuit’s Center for Self Representation in the William D. Block Memorial Library located in:
Lake County Government Building
18 N County Street
Waukegan, IL 60085
  1. Eviction Process

    The eviction procedure begins with serving a Landlord/Tenant notice.

  2. Eviction Process Under Foreclosure

    The Lake County Sheriff’s Office Civil Process Division is the only entity able to enforce an eviction.

  3. Find Help

    Find help in Lake County, Illinois.

  4. Landlord/Owner Information

    Find landlord/owner information for the event of an eviction.

  5. Self Representation Resources

  6. Service Fees (PDF)

    Check out service fees for the Sheriff's Office of Lake County.

  7. Tenant Information

    Access information for a tenant that may be involved in an eviction.