Code Enforcement Hearings

Hearing Process
For property complaints and nuisance violations, such as tall grass and weeds, junk and debris, animals running at large, noise complaints and minor health violations, Lake County uses a Code Enforcement Hearing process for resolution and compliance. The process streamlines ordinance enforcement and expedites the adjudication process, thereby enhancing the quality of life for Lake County residents.
Tall Grass Code Violation

Departments That Use The Hearing Process for Enforcement of Various Violations

Department Violation Examples
Planning, Building & Development tall grass and weeds, junk and debris
Health animals running at large, burning of garbage
Sheriff noise, motor boat safety
Stormwater Management Commission floodplain/wetland debris, work without a permit
Public Works delinquent water bills

Steps Taken to Resolve a Violation

If a person or property is found to be in violation of a Lake County ordinance, a warning, or notice of ordinance violation, is issued. The person or property owner has the opportunity to comply voluntarily, or a Code Enforcement Hearing is scheduled. The person or property owner must then appear before an administrative hearing officer who reviews the facts of the case, takes testimony, and issues a judgment at the hearing.
A possible violation is brought to our attention via resident concern or inspector investigation

  • County staff completes an inspection of the possible violation
  • The inspector may issue a warning or notice of ordinance violation to the respondent
  • The respondent may be given time to resolve the violation and pay a fine instead of coming to the hearing
  • The respondent comes to the Code Enforcement Hearing
  • The respondent has an opportunity to explain their side of the case to the County’s Hearing Officer
  • An order will be entered with the outcome of the case

Hearing Schedule

Code Enforcement Hearings are scheduled the second Monday of each month. Health and Animal Care and Control violation hearings begin promptly at 10 a.m. All other violation hearings begin at 1 p.m. Hearings are taken on a first come first serve basis. For more information about the hearing process, please call 847-377-2136.