Custom Mapping (GIS)

Geographic Information System (GIS)

The Planning and Support Services Division maintains the county's planning related GIS data and maps:
The County's GIS/Mapping Division sells a variety of standard maps on topics including the environment, political and districts boundaries, tax maps and topography.

Custom GIS Mapping and Analysis

Custom GIS mapping and analysis for planning purposes is available for $60 per hour with a ½ hour minimum charge. The fee may be waived for government bodies and agencies and not-for-profit institutions. Past projects include mapping brownfields; compiling demographic data for school, library ,and fire districts; and providing economic data for business analysis.

Requests for GIS Files

The digital files used to create the zoning and land use polygons on these maps are available in ESRI shape file format. These files can be shared with government bodies and agencies and not-for-profit institutions with a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Private consulting firms working with government agencies on projects in Lake County can also request the files with an MOU. The files are shared at no cost.

If you are interested in obtaining the digital files used to the create political or cadastral boundaries or the transportation or hydrologic features of our maps please contact the county's GIS/Mapping Division.

Interactive GIS Application

The Lake County Maps Online website provides access to additional geographic based information including parcel based property tax data, UDO zoning (for unincorporated Lake County), aerial photography and countywide natural resources information.

Please call 847-377-2600 for more information.