A Victim-Witness Coordinator will be assigned to assist all violent crime victims throughout the court process–from the initial bond hearing through the sentencing phase. Services offered are:
  • Case notification
  • Counseling referrals
  • Outside agency referrals
  • Victim impact statement preparation
  • Restitution information
  • Crime compensation information
  • Court advocacy and orientation
  • Assistance with employers
  • Court scheduling
  • Trial preparation
  • Order of protection information
  • How to follow up on the Automated Victim Notification system
Coordinator's Role
The Victim-Witness Coordinator will also help arrange meetings with the prosecutor, and explain, in layman’s terms, the various terminology used in the criminal process. Finally, the Coordinator will provide an overview of the sequence of court dates throughout a prosecution, and they will also instruct individuals about how to follow up with defendants sentenced to the Department of Corrections.