Public Services

Grant Funding
Lake County has grant funds available annually for non-profit organizations and governmental entities to assist individuals with a variety of human service activities. These funds assist programs including food pantries, counseling services, health care services and case management.

Funds are available through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. CDBG regulations require Lake County to commit its funds to benefit low- and moderate-income persons.

Information about applying for Lake County Public Services Funds can be found on the Applicants page.

Reporting Forms
Reporting forms for Lake County Public Services Grantees can be found on the Current Grantees page.

Technical Assistance & Monitoring
Recipients of CDBG funds for public service activities are subject to a monitoring visit from Lake County Community Development staff. The Monitoring and Technical Assistance guide (PDF) provides information on what will be monitored, along with a matrix outlining what documentation is needed and standards that must be met in order to be compliant.