Replevin Procedures & Requirements

Please note: As of  January 1, 2018, the State of Illinois has mandated that all civil filings must be filed electronically in all counties in Illinois. The Lake County Circuit Clerk's Office has adopted the State’s e-Filing solution. This means that while the Lake County Circuit Clerk’s Office accepts electronic filings, we do not provide our own e-filing system in Lake County.  Filers have a choice of choosing from a number of certified Electronic Filing Service Providers (EFSPs) that have been certified by the State’s e-Filing Manager, to submit their filings electronically to Lake County.  To learn more visit the Lake County Circuit Clerk's E-Filing Portal.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office requires the following on all replevin cases:


The original plaintiff’s Replevin Bond is required. The Replevin Bond amount must be double the value of the property being seized, must be signed by the surety and have the surety seal, and must specifically indemnify and hold harmless the Sheriff of Lake County.

Cover Letter

  • The cover letter must state the specific address where the property to be seized is located.
  • A specific description of the property to be seized must include but is not limited to:
    • For vehicles: VIN number, make, model, license, color
    • For equipment: Serial number, make, model, and common description
  • Provide photos, if available, and any other specific lists, inventories and quantities
  • Include the name and phone number of a contact person designated to properly identify the repleviable property and act as a liaison between the Sheriff and the Plaintiff.

Removal Instruction Information

The following arrangements and/or removal instruction information must also be provided to the Deputy:
  • For vehicles: Plaintiff is responsible for retaining a licensed tow agency to remove the vehicle if the vehicle cannot be driven away.
  • For equipment: Plaintiff is responsible for qualified and licensed (if the law requires) persons to disconnect any electrical power, gas, water etc. and movers/riggers to remove equipment.
  • Removal of large quantities of property: Plaintiff responsible for sufficient and trained labor to remove items safely and in a timely manner. Plaintiff is responsible for providing or securing any moving equipment needed; e.g. hand trucks, carts, boxes and tape.
  • Forcible writ of replevin: Plaintiff must arrange for a locksmith.
If Plaintiff requests Sheriff’s Office arrange for towing of vehicle(s), Plaintiff accepts responsibility for any and all charges incurred including towing, storage and other fees, and Plaintiff agrees vehicle(s) will not be released to Plaintiff until all towing, storage and other related charges are paid in full.

Enforcement Fees

Standard service fees (PDF) apply for the service of the order of replevin.

In addition to the standard service fee, an Enforcement Fee of $78 per Deputy, per hour is charged. A one hour minimum fee is charged and prorated every 15 minutes thereafter. Billing occurs following enforcement of the order, and payment due upon receipt. Failure to pay may result in immediate legal action.

Please contact the Civil Process Team by phone at 847-377-4400 or by e-mail at [email protected] if you have questions.