Civil Body Attachment Requirements

Requirements for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office to enforce a Civil Body Attachment include the following:

Please provide as much information as possible on the Civil Body Attachment Information Sheet. Civil Body Attachments being served by other counties must contain a complete date of birth, height and weight in order to be mandatorily placed into the LEADS system.

Civil Body Attachments may be rescinded with:

  • A Court Order quashing the attachment
  • Defendant surrender
  • Arrest

Plaintiff/Plaintiff’s Attorney Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the Plaintiff/Plaintiff’s Attorney to provide quashed orders to the Sheriff’s Office to ensure individuals are not wrongfully arrested.

Civil Body Attachments are non-extraditable; therefore the Lake County Sheriff’s Office does not act upon any Civil Body Attachment outside Illinois. For defendants residing outside Illinois, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office holds Civil Body Attachments on file. The Plaintiff/Plaintiff’s Attorney must notify the Sheriff’s Office when the defendant returns to Lake County. Notify the Civil Process Team Monday - Friday at 847-377-4400 with details of the defendant’s whereabouts with a minimum of 24 hours notice, to alert Highway Patrol. After hours and on weekends/holidays, call the non-emergency Highway Patrol dispatch at 847-549-5200.


Civil Body Attachments are enforced Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays, in accordance with court schedules.


It is the responsibility of the Plaintiff/Plaintiff’s Attorney to notify the Sheriff’s Office of any address changes or additional information regarding the Civil Body Attachment. Each time there is an address change, there is an additional fee. Please refer to the Fee Schedule (PDF).

Outside County Filing

If a Civil Body Attachment was filed outside of Lake County for a resident within Lake County, we must receive the Civil Body Attachment from the Sheriff of the County where the Civil Body Attachment was filed. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office policy mandates entering Civil Body Attachments into the LEADS system.