Order of Protection

If you feel threatened or need immediate assistance, dial 911:

A Domestic Violence Order of Protection, Civil No Contact Order and Stalking No Contact Order is issued to stop abusers from harming or stalking victims. For assistance in obtaining any one of these orders of protection, please contact A Safe Place/D100 at 847-360-6471. If there is a pending criminal case, please remain in contact with the State’s Attorney’s Office Victim Assistance Coordinator (847-377-3000) to stay informed on the status of the criminal case and to notify your Victim Assistance Coordinator of changes in your contact information, residence, place of employment, or other important information.

Under the Illinois Domestic Violence Act, the Court may issue an Order of Protection or No Contact Order granting victims and their children protection from abusers. Illinois Orders of Protection and No Contact Orders fall under one of 3 categories:

Domestic Violence - Order of Protection

Protection issued for abused victims who are:
  • Family members related by blood
  • Current or ex-spouses
  • Current or former roommates
  • The parent of a child in common (or alleged child in common) or a blood relationship through a child in common
  • Currently (or previously) dating or engaged
  • People with disabilities assisted by caretakers

Sexual Assault - Civil No Contact Order

Protection issued for victims of non-consensual sexual conduct or sexual penetration.

Orders also may protect the following:
  • Family or household members of victim
  • Rape crisis center employees and volunteers
Two types of orders issued:
  • Emergency Order (valid for 14-21 days)
  • Plenary Order (valid up to 2 years)

Stalking - No Contact Order

Protection issued for any person who is the victim of a course of conduct that causes the victim to fear for his or her safety or the safety of another person or to suffer emotional distress, and relief is not available to the victim through the Illinois Domestic Violence Act or through a Sexual Assault Civil No Contact Order.

If you feel threatened or need immediate assistance, dial 911:

Where you can get help and advice:

Safe Place

847-249-4450 - 24-Hour Help Line

Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence

217-789-2830 - Help Line

National Domestic Violence Hotline

800-799-7233 - 24-Hour Help Line
TTY: 800-787-3224