Need2Know Lake County / STI Program

About Us
The purpose of the STI/HIV program is to provide comprehensive care and prevention services for at-risk individuals in Lake County. The program provides HIV counseling and testing, clinical services for sexually transmitted infections, treatments to individuals diagnosed with a STI, hepatitis A/B vaccinations, hepatitis C screenings, syphilis screenings, risk reduction counseling, psycho-social support, health education groups, outreach and surveillance services related to all sexually transmitted infections including HIV and Hepatitis C. The STI Program also provides health education, treatment adherence counseling, psycho-social support and linkage to care and partner services to individuals living with HIV.

Information Chart  - Infection, What to Watch For, How You Get It, If You Are Not Treated

STI Testing

  • Appointments available Monday through Friday. Limited walk-ins available
  • Screenings available for gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, HIV, bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis and yeast. Visual examination for HPV (human papillomavirus) and herpes.
  • Most insurances accepted, including the Illinois Medical Card
  • Charge assessed at time of appointment

STI Education

STI Program staff offer limited education programs to various community groups. The programs are designed to address how STIs and HIV/AIDS are transmitted, treated and prevented. Presentation content is tailored to suit the needs of each group.

One-on-one counseling/education about STIs is available upon request. During this session one will learn about individual infections, how they are spread, treated and prevented.

Safer sex supplies are also available free of charge upon request.

STI/HIV Brochures