Alarm System Information

An ordinance approving the adoption of renaming Chapter 93, Section 93.07 from False Alarms to Alarm Responses and adjusting its associated fees.


WHEREAS, the Sheriff’s Office has been providing alarm responses to businesses, property owners and non-for-profit agencies; and

WHEREAS, the last time the alarm response fees were analyzed and fee raised was in March 1986; and

WHEREAS, a fee study analysis was performed by the Sheriff’s Office, in conjunction with Finance and Administrative Services Department, and identified the need for behavioral modification; and

WHEREAS, based on the findings, the fees associated with providing said delivery of an alarm response a recommended fee increase based on the number of alarm responses required, and

WHEREAS, it is necessary for the County Board to formally amend the ordinance adopt the section name change and fee increases as stated below.


(A) Two alarm responses shall be without charge in any 12-month period. A service charge of $50 shall be billed to the company reporting the third through fifth alarm responses, and shall be billed $100 for the sixth alarm response and thereafter in any 12-month period, except as provided in § 93.09(B).

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED, by this County Board of Lake County, Illinois, that the recommended that name change for Chapter 93, Section 93.07 be amended to read: Alarm Responses and that the fees stated in Chapter 93, Section 93.07 (A) be increased to $50 for the third through fifth responses; and $100 for each alarm response after that. These changes become effective December 1, 2017.

BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED that the Lake County Clerk is hereby directed to forward a certified copy of this Ordinance to the Lake County Sheriff.

DATED, at Waukegan, Illinois, on November 14, 2017.

False Alarms
0 - 2
No Charge
3 - 5
$50 each
6 or more
$100 each

False Alarms

The term “false alarm” identifies an alarm signal resulting from a malfunction, improper installation or human error.

False alarms will be billed monthly and invoices are payable to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office within 30 days from the date of billing.

Key Holder Information Form

Please complete the Key Holder Information Form (PDF) for our files and return at your earliest convenience to:
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