File A(n)

  1. Alarm System Information

    Register alarm system information.

  2. Commendation for an Employee

    The Lake County Sheriff's Office considers its community relations to be of utmost importance and encourages residents to express their opinions regarding the performance, professionalism, and conduct of our employees.

  3. Complaint Against Sheriff's Personnel

    The Lake County Sheriff’s Office has a strict policy of providing highly professional law enforcement services to the Lake County community. To achieve this goal, it is imperative that all complaints against members of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office be thoroughly investigated.

  4. Crime Tip

    To provide information about a crime or criminal activity, contact the Lake County Sheriff's Office Special Investigations Section.

  5. Criminal Complaint

    Report a criminal complaint with the Lake County Sheriff's Office.

  6. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request

    Complete and submit an FOIA request.

  7. Order of Protection

    A Domestic Violence Order of Protection, Civil No Contact Order and Stalking No Contact Order is issued to stop abusers from harming or stalking victims.