Jurisdiction: Whose Road Is It?

Properly maintained roads are essential to Lake County residents, businesses, schools and emergency service providers. Numerous government agencies construct, maintain and repair roads in Lake County.
Lake County Sign W 11

County Highways

The Lake County Division of Transportation is responsible for planning, designing, constructing and maintaining certain Lake County highways. Roads under the jurisdiction of Lake County are identified by the 5-sided blue and gold route markers pictured at left, a system of more than 300 centerline miles of arterial and collector roads and more than 62 miles of bike facilities. A county highway must meet criteria established by state law, have been designated a county highway by the county board and approved by the state.

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The Division of Transportation is also responsible for more than 130 signalized intersections, 43 bridges and almost 22 miles of guardrail. Like state highways, Lake County highways extend through municipalities. For more information contact us at 847-377-7400 or via email. Also view Lake County Maps.
I 94
Illinois Tollway I-94
The Illinois Tollway is responsible for the construction, maintenance and operation of tollways in northern Illinois. I-94, the Tri-State Tollway, is an interstate highway and is the only interstate highway in Lake County. Contact the Illinois Tollway at 630-241-6800. You can also visit the Illinois Tollway website.
American Way
Local Streets
Municipal streets are located within municipal corporate limits that are not state highways or part of the county highway system. Most municipal streets provide access to neighborhoods or within subdivisions. Each municipality is responsible for the construction, maintenance and repair of the streets within their municipal limits.
Illinois 60

State Highway

This type of sign identifies state highways under the authority of the Illinois Department of Transportation. Contact IDOT at 847-705-4610 or visit the website.
American Way
Township Roads
Township roads are those streets and roads located outside of municipalities that are not otherwise designated as state or county highways. A township highway commissioner is an elected official who is responsible for the township streets and roads that are located within the boundaries of a particular township. There are more than 430 miles of township roads and streets in the county.
US 45
US Highway
US highways crisscross the county and consist of both arterial and collector roads. The Illinois Department of Transportation has authority over roads marked as "US" routes and also roads marked as "Illinois" routes. Contact IDOT at 217-782-7820 or visit the website.