The Lake County Workforce Ecosystem works to ensure that local businesses have access to talent, training, and development resources for retention purposes. The Ecosystem consists of a dynamic partnership between Lake County Workforce Development, College of Lake County, Lake County Partners, and Lake County High Schools Technology Campus. Contact a Business Service team member to discuss options for your business. 
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Laser Precision

Laser Precision has engaged in multiple initiatives through the Ecosystem including job fairs, layoff events, job shadows for youth, and has developed an internship program. Laser Precision was recognized for its talent acquisition strategies at Lake County Partners "Big Event". Read more on page two of the Workforce Brief.
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After initially connecting with the Lake County Workforce Ecosystem, Hydraforce Inc. has been creating an ongoing talent development program. Hydraforce Inc. has participated numerous Career Expos and has developed a viable apprenticeship program as a feeder into their hard-to-fill jobs. The Lake County Workforce Business Service Team continues to showcase Hydraforce's efforts as a marketing tool for other employers to learn the array of talent acquisition strategies. Link to award press release.
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A.L. Hansen

A.L. Hansen Manufacturing attended layoff events to recruit soon-to-be-laid-off workers. They also have hired multiple individuals through Lake County Workforce Development's One-the-Job training program. The Production Manager at A.L. Hansen says that working with the Business Service Team has given his company new avenues to recruit talent. Read more on page 3 of the Success Newsletter.