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Chief County Assessment Office

Robert S. Glueckert, C.I.A.O
Chief County Assessment Officer

The Chief County Assessment Office (CCAO) is the coordinating arm for all tax assessment activity for Lake County's 283,085 real estate parcels.

We oversee the work of local township assessors and act as a resource to these local offices, yet the township assessor has the primary responsibility for valuing property for assessment purposes.

This office is also where the Lake County Board of Review conducts the assessment appeal process, with the CCAO staff serving as the support for the Board’s work.

Additionally, the CCAO:

  • Determines the equalization factors for each township. 
  • Mails assessment notices to all taxpayers annually.
  • Processes all homestead exemption applications.
Once the Chief County Assessment Office and the Lake County Board of Review have completed their work for a given tax year, the assessment rolls are turned over to the County Clerk's Office for the calculation of the tax rates on each individual parcel.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Chief County Assessment Office is to provide the public with top quality services by helping the public access information and understand the property assessment process. The Chief County Assessment Office applies the property tax law with integrity, efficiency and fairness.

Vision Statement

The Chief County Assessment Office continually strives to be the lead property assessment agency in Illinois by working creatively through utilizing technology and serving the public in a courteous, professional and transparent manner.

Core Values

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