Data & Publications

The Lake County Health Department and Community Health Center conducts assessments of the health of the residents we serve. This includes:

  • Monitoring of health status
  • Collection, analysis and dissemination of data
  • Use of data to inform public health policies, processes and interventions
  • Participation in a process for the development of a shared, comprehensive assessment of the community

Community Health Data

We believe that the development of public health policies, processes, programs, and interventions should be informed by the use of public health data.

Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

The Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is a long-term, systematic effort to address public health problems in a community. The plan is based on the results of CHA (Community Health Assessment) activities, and is part of a community health improvement process.


Our assessments, profiles, reports, and videos showcase a variety of information on the health of Lake County.

Quality Improvement

The Lake County Health Department and Community Health Center is committed to delivering safe and high quality care and services to all who live, work, and play in Lake County.

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MAPP Process
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