1. Lake County Announces $88 Million in Projects for 2023 Construction Program

    The Lake County Division of Transportation announced the 2023 construction program that includes $88 million for infrastructure projects to reduce traffic congestion, increase safety, and reduce carbon emissions on Lake County's transportation system. Additional Info...
  2. 2023 Crack Sealing Program

    Crews will be out in the coming weeks to perform crack sealing on pavements that are about three years old. Crack sealing prevents moisture from getting into the pavement structure, which could lead to deterioration. View locations ...
  3. 2023 Pavement Rejuvenator Starting Soon

    The Lake County Division of Transportation will be applying pavement rejuvenator, a glue-type substance that can extend the life of a road by five years, to several newly completed road surfaces with a tentative schedule of May 22 to June 1. Additional Info...
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Featured Story

Ride Lake County Year 1 Infographic

Ride Lake County Celebrates One Year of Service

100 trips a day and 27,000 rides in a year for nearly 1,000 people -  Ride Lake County is off to a terrific start! 

Last year, Ride Lake County launched to provide a cost-effective and countywide transportation option for seniors ages 60+ and people with disabilities. Within its first week of service, Ride Lake County provided 400 trips to residents. Since then, the popularity of Ride Lake County has only grown.

Learn more about Ride Lake County's First Year