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Frequently Asked Questions

expand Q: I mailed my payment on the due date and now I'm getting a balance due statement for an outstanding balance. Why?
expand Q: When will the 2014 tax bill be mailed?

The 2014 tax bills will be mailed the first week of May, with due dates of June 3rd and September 3rd.  Duplicate copies of the tax bills are available on Payment Status of our website.​

expand Q: My value went down, but my bill went up, what happened?
expand Q: I have applied for and thought that I received the Senior Freeze exemption; how could my tax bill go up?

The Senior Freeze exemption does freeze the assessment, but it does not freeze the tax rates.  In most cases this year, tax rates have increased.  The taxing districts can continue to ask for more money and if the rate goes up then your tax bill will go up.  But you have to remember that over the years; because of this exemption you have saved hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year.​

expand Q: Why was there a state multiplier?
expand Q: Isn't there a cap on how much my bill can change?

Most taxing districts were allowed an increase of 3% over the request of last year, and 1.7% for the 2013 tax year.  There are exceptions to this law, but it is a limit on the taxing district itself, not individual taxpayers,  Individuals need to become active participants when the districts are passing their budgets.  Most taxing districts requested their maximum levy.​

expand Q: Home values have been declining, so why is my bill higher?
expand Q: My tax bill seems too high. Is it to late to appeal?

Basically yes, appeals should be filed within 30 days from the date of Assessment Roll Publication.  The only exception would be incorrect data that the assessment was calculated on (example would be incorrect square footage).  If this is the case, you should contact your local Township Assessor.​

expand Q: Will partial payments be accepted once the bills have been sent out?
expand Q: Are there other items that I should be paying close attention to on the tax bill?

Yes.  Please pay close attention to your total exemptions, these exemptions could lower your current tax bill. For a complete list of exemptions, go to Property Tax Relief, on the assessor's site. ​

expand Q: My mortgage company pays my taxes. Why did I get a bill?
expand Q: I did not live here in 2014. Why did I receive a 2014 tax bill?

The tax remains with the property regardless of ownership. To determine your liability for paying the tax, check your closing statement to see if the seller gave you credit, or contact your attorney.​

expand Q: My tax bill seems too high. How can I make sure it is correct?
expand Q: I did not pay my taxes last year. Where can I find out how much I owe?

Call the Lake County Clerk at 847.377.2404, and ask for an Estimate of Redemption. Make sure you have your parcel number. ​

expand Q: Can I prepay my taxes?
expand Q: I own multiple parcels in the County. Can I pay with one check?

Yes you can. Please make sure that your math is correct. List the parcel numbers of the properties you are paying on your check. Include the correct coupon(s) for each payment you are making.​

expand Q: If I pay by mail, how can I get a receipt?
expand Q: Is there a charge for a copy of my bill?

No, we do not charge homeowners for duplicate copies of their tax bills. However, mortgage companies, lenders and closing companies are charged $5.00 per bill.​

expand Q: What are the hours for the Treasurer’s office?
expand Q: How do I pay my tax bill?

You can pay by mail, in person and at most Lake County Banks. Also, online or by phone with your credit card. ​

expand Q: Can I use my credit card for payment?
expand Q: If I pay by mail do you honor postmark?

Yes, only before or on the due date, and it must be an official U.S. postmark. ​

expand Q: I never received my tax bill. What should I do?
expand Q: What if I have my bill, but I lost my payment stubs?

Be sure to write the parcel number on your check. You can also download a copy of your tax bill with a payment stub at the Payment Status screen. ​

expand Q: What if, for some reason, I have to pay my taxes late?
expand Q: What if, for some reason, I am altogether unable to pay my taxes? Will I lose my property?

According to Illinois State Statute, the County Treasurer must hold an annual tax sale to sell unpaid property taxes, drainage and special assessments.  Please remember that the county is not selling the property at the sale, but rather, the unpaid taxes.  The homeowner has at least two years to pay the redemption.  It should be noted that the longer the homeowner waits to redeem these taxes, the more the interest could be.​

expand Q: Can I make my tax payment online with my local bank?

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