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Modern Roundabouts

Modern roundabouts are becoming common around the United States and are a key component of the Lake County highway system. Roundabouts provide safer and more efficient traffic flow than standard intersections in many locations. Navigating a roundabout is easy – and since traffic moves in only one direction, there are less severe crashes and traffic flows smoothly.

When driving through roundabouts, drivers should remember four simple things:

  • Drive slow.
  • Yield to traffic coming from the left and pedestrians.
  • No passing.
  • Select the correct lane.

See How It's Done!

Bill and Ryan from LCDOT get behind the wheel and teach you what driving a roundabout is all about.

Roundabout Locations in Lake County

  • Riverwoods Road and Everett Road
  • Wadsworth Road and Hunt Club Road
  • Hunt Club Road and Millburn Road
  • Monaville Road and Cedar Lake Road
  • River Road and Roberts Road - Opening October 2015!

Navigating the River Rd. & Roberts Rd. Roundabout

The 5th roundabout in Lake County is at River and Roberts Road in Lake Barrington. This video shows you how to navigate this specific roundabout and illustrates the different paths you can take.

    Roundabout FAQs

    Will there be more roundabouts in Lake County?

    Every time LCDOT studies an intersection, there is an extensive review and evaluation of all the possible scenarios for the intersection before a decision is made. While LCDOT has several successful examples of upgrading traditional intersections to roundabouts, they aren't the best solution in every location. Safety and performance are the most important factors and that will drive the decision. Roundabouts will never be automatically applied as the new standard during an intersection improvement project.

    Roundabout Resources

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