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About the Program

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The Lake County Board-designated county highway system is a 300-mile system of major collector arterial highways and more than 59 miles of bike facilities (separate bike trails, on-road bike paths and paved bike roadway lanes) in Lake County, operated by the Lake County Division of Transportation. These highways are marked by pentagonal blue and gold Lake County route markers and the bike paths by the route identification sign incorporating the Lake County logo. Daily travel on the system is more than 3.9 million vehicle miles on 876 lane miles.

Funding the Program

Capital Programming

The 5 Year Program is the scheduling component of the county’s Long Range Transportation Plan. A highway project, particularly an add-lanes project, does take several years of study and engineering to properly address roadway design, drainage, environmental, municipal and public coordination issues. The implementation of the 5-Year Program is a continual process, like an assembly line. Many of the projects in this program are in varying stages of readiness carried over from previous programs. New projects need to “get on the assembly line”. This is the fifth year of programming of projects with the new Collar County Transportation Empowerment Funds in place as guided by the June 8, 2008 county board-endorsed “Plan for Using the New Collar County Transportation Empowerment Funds”.


Funding Priorities

Lake County tries to preserve the existing highway system and modernize its operation before allocating capital resources for expansion. Some projects are designed to address traffic flow problems associated with peak travel times (about 20% of the daily traffic), while others provide benefits to all daily highway users. Projects which are already under construction and for which funds will be paid out during the current fiscal year are also included.

Funding Priorities

Fund Sources

The program is fiscally constrained by the revenue expected to be available. Lake County uses funds from five tax sources to accomplish highway projects: County Highway Tax, County Bridge Tax, Matching Tax, Motor Fuel Tax and 1/4% Sales Tax for Transportation and Public Safety. In addition, some project costs are shared by federal, state and local governments, townships and developers.

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