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Historical Information - Lake County Division of Transportation

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The modern roundabout is just one type of circular intersection. The term "modern roundabout" is used here to distinguish them from older...

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The "Plan for Using the New Collar County Transportation Empowerment Funds," endorsed by the county board at its... 

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In Lake County the only interstate route is I-94, the Tri-State Tollway, which was actually constructed in the pre-Interstate era...

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Current construction activities on the Tri-State Tollway in Lake County will add one lane in each direction south of Illinois 173...

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Like all technologies, the science of traffic control has evolved over the years. Signal controller hardware and vehicle detection...

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The basis of many of our roads today in Lake County had their beginnings back in the 1830s. The first wave of settlers primarily...

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Public attention focused on the condition and importance of our nation's bridges with the August 2007 collapse of the I-35W bridge...

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The development of the highway system in Lake County can be illustrated by the comparison of these two aerials. The historical...

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The position of County Engineer, formerly named the County Superintendent of Highways, has been around since the famous...

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This booklet, compiled for the purpose of submitting facts, figures and information relative to the proposed $730,000...

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The following reprinted from a 1917 publication, King's Official Route Guides, Section Three, Automobile Routes of...

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In 1937, Lake County delivered to the State of Illinois, for maintenance, the newly-constructed 1.6 mile long, 18...

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