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Strategic Plan  

Reduce Congestion and Improve Transporation iconStrategic Goal:
Reduce Congestion & Improve Transportation Progress

Promote development of State, County, and municipal transportation systems that provide for efficient, flexible and uncongested movement through an integrated network of road, rail, public transit, and non-motorized (bicycle, pedestrian) modes of travel.

Illinois Route 53/120 – Project Overview/Update

The current phase of this project builds on the recommendations and framework outlined by the Blue Ribbon Advisory Council (BRAC). The Illinois Tollway, the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) and Lake County are partnering on a combined effort to examine the feasibility of the project with respect to financing and land use. The Finance Committee formed sub-committees to evaluate the most feasible financing options and the Land Use Committee refined the study area boundary and outlined the Existing Conditions Assessment Methodology with the intent to balance economic development, open space and community character goals across municipalities to encourage development of vibrant communities in central Lake County.

2014 Construction Projects

2014 is the busiest and most significant highway construction program for Lake County, with over $70 million in projects continuing from last year, plus $100 million in new highway improvements. A total of 31 improvement projects with a combined value of $ 33.4 million were awarded during the first six months of 2014.

Challenge Bond Program

Lake County’s Challenge Bond Program continues to progress.

  • IL Route 21: The State project to widen IL Route 21 from south of IL Route 137 to south of IL Route 120 is now complete.
  • Fairfield Road/IL Route 176: The County effort to improve the intersection of Fairfield Road at IL Route 176 is now 80% complete with the project expected to be finished fall 2014.
  • Rollins Road/IL83: The construction of the Lake County grade separation project at Rollins Road/IL83 and the CN Railroad continues to progress with the improvement expected to be open to traffic by the end of 2014. LCDOT is currently in the final design and ROW acquisition stages of the Washington Street widening and grade separation project at the CN Railroad with construction expected to begin in early 2015.
  • Peterson Road: The project to widen Peterson Road to five lanes from US 45 to west of IL Route 83 is now 25% complete with all lanes including the intersection improvements at IL Route 83 expected to be open to traffic by the end of the year. The improvement to widen Peterson Road from west of IL Route 83 to west of Alleghany Road is now in the final design and ROW acquisition stage with construction expected to begin in early 2015.

2040 Transportation Plan

Lake County DOT has completed the Lake County 2040 Transportation Plan which includes proposed roadway, transit, and non-motorized improvements for Lake County for the next 25 years. The plan reflects input received from the public, and the final version of the plan was adopted at the June County Board meeting.

Maximize Use of Technology

Lake County continues to expand the PASSAGE ITS network across the county this year with construction underway on the installation of 17 new PTZ cameras, two miles of fiber optic cable, five wireless links, and the upgrade of 12 traffic signal controllers to connect to the signal network. PASSAGE usage continues to increase with 974 additional iPhone downloads, 526 additional Android downloads, 200 additional twitter followers in the first five months of 2014.

Lake County PASSAGE is testing out a new vehicle detection technology in an effort to provide a more accurate and efficient traffic signal. Additionally, the Lake County Emergency Telephone Services Board’s (ETSB) CAD interoperability project is now incorporated into the PASSAGE system.

The LCDOT has acquired CMAQ funding for three traffic signal and fiber optic interconnect projects currently being designed.

The Aptakisic Road Adaptive Traffic Signal project has been awarded to a contactor to install. Work is scheduled to begin later this summer and should be complete in the fall. This will be one of the first projects of this type in the Chicagoland area. A second Adaptive Traffic Signal Control project along Gilmer Road will be going out for bid at the end of June with construction expected early next spring.


The Regional Transportation Authority awarded an additional $177,000 in federal funds to the NW Demonstration Project once the previous grant funds have been expended. LCDOT continues to meet with members of the Lake County Coordinated Transportation Services Committee (LCCTSC) and township representatives regarding a potential grant application for coordination of existing paratransit services in the Central Lake County area.

Non-Motorized Travel

The Robert McClory Bike Path was officially designated by AASHTO as US Bike Route 37 in May. The US Bike Route system is a national network of bicycle routes, which will link urban, suburban, and rural areas using a variety of appropriate (and often existing) cycling facilities. Bicycle tourism is a growing industry in North America, contributing $47 billion a year to the economies of communities that provide facilities for such tourists. The communities within Lake County stand to benefit from this opportunity both economically and from the health and environmental related benefits of encouraging bicycles travel in our region.

Strategic Goals: Reduce Congestion & Improve Transportation
Enhance Economic OpportunitiesPromote a Sustainable EnvironmentBuilding Healthy & Resilient CommunitiesProvide Public Safety

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