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Strategic Plan  

Lake County's strategic plan serves as a road map for our county government over the next several years.

Lake County government is committed to promoting and sustaining a safe, healthy, vibrant and environmentally responsible county, while maintaining its strong financial position. In partnership with citizens, communities and all levels of government, we pledge to deliver efficient and high quality public services consistent with the community’s values and priorities.

We envision Lake County as a leader in developing a thriving and robust local economy, healthy natural environment, safe and livable communities, healthy residents, and innovative public services that are responsive to the diverse needs of all residents.

Strategic Goals

Lake County held five community forums and asked for input through its website. The public recommended focusing more on communication and civic engagement, efficiency, partnership and collaboration, and prevention. From this, the County decided on five strategic goals and progress is updated throughout the year.

We're making progress!Progress is reported twice a year. Click on each goal for more details. Last update: August 19, 2014

Enhance Economic OpportunitiesEnhance Economic Opportunities - Foster balanced growth and a diverse economy to provide living wage jobs, housing, and economic opportunities.
Promote a Sustainable EnvironmentPromote a Sustainable Environment - Preserve the health of our natural resources and our drinking water through the widespread use of sustainable and environmental management practices, effective storm water management and the enhancement and rehabilitation of lakes, wetlands and other fragile ecological systems.
Build Healthy and Resilient CommunitiesBuild Healthy and Resilient Communities - Maintain well-being of residents, focusing on the availability of accessible health services for families, the aging population, and other populations in need.
Reduce Congestion and Improve TransportationReduce Congestion and Improve Transportation in Lake County - Promote development of State, County, and municipal transportation systems that provide for efficient, flexible and uncongested movement through an integrated network of road, rail, public transit, and non-motorized (bicycle, pedestrian) modes of travel.
Provide Public SafetyProvide Public Safety - Enhance the safety of residents through an integrated criminal justice system, including law enforcement and other programs that reduce crime, recidivism, family violence and substance abuse.

Our ValuesStatement of Values

Lake County government carries out its mission and conducts its business activities adhering to a set of values. These values influence everything we do: Fiscal Responsibility, Exceptional Service, Leadership, and Environmental Stewardship.

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