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Lake County Stormwater Management Commission  

WDO Permit Information

Watershed Development Ordinance (June 11, 2013) (PDF format 2MB)

About the Permit

The Lake County Watershed Development Ordinance (WDO) Permit is required when a project is located in a floodplain or floodprone area; may impact a wetland; will hydrologically disturb more than 5000 sq. ft.; or will modify the site drainage.

If you are developing in a Certified Community, the municipality is the permitting agency.

If you are developing in an unincorporated area, Lake County Planning, Building and Development (PB&D) is the permitting agency. Contact Mea Blauer, PB&D, 847.377.2333.

If your project is not within a Certified Community or in an unincorporated area, SMC is the permitting agency for Non-Certified Communities.

The following links provide application and submittal information: