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Lake County Stormwater Management Commission  

Certified Wetland Specialist (CWS) & WDO IWLC Provisions

List of Certified Wetland Specialists (January 26, 2016) 

Isolated Waters of Lake County (IWLC) Provisions

The Lake County Watershed Development Ordinance (WDO) includes provisions for isolated waters and wetlands no longer under the jurisdiction of the federal Clean Water Act administered by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps).

  • If your project may impact isolated waters or wetlands, referred hereto as Isolated Waters of Lake County (IWLC), SMC or the fully Certified Community (May 8, 2015) is the reviewing agency.
  • If your project may impact Waters of the U.S. (WOUS), the Corps is the reviewing agency.

The Review Process - Community Certification

Projects will be reviewed for compliance with the IWLC. The provisions require that a Certified Wetland Specialist (CWS) (see below) or Provisional Certified Wetland Specialist review the application materials. Communities desiring to be certified for IWLC review will be required to have a CWS on staff, or retain a Certified Wetland Specialist consultant. 

Certified Wetland Specialist (CWS)

The WDO includes a CWS requirement. To become a CWS, an application and supporting information is required.

A CWS is a wetland professional that meets minimum levels of experience and training as listed in the WDO. In addition, the CWS must pass the CWS Exam offered by SMC. To apply, link to the CWS Application Form.  

Please contact Glenn Westman, 847.377.7718 for more information. 

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