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Lake County Stormwater Management Commission  

Street and Parking Maintenance

Streets, parking lots and highways are significant sources of pollution that gets picked up by stormwater runoff and flows into streams and lakes.  

Street and parking maintenance refers to a collection of operations and maintenance practices that can be applied separately or together and on a site-specific basis or as a system to reduce the amount of pollution in stormwater runoff.  These practices include street sweeping and cleaning, street repair, concrete installation and repair, patching, resurfacing, sealing, vehicle cleaning and maintenance.

Suggested Maintenance Protocol

  • Maintaining a consistent street and parking lot sweeping schedule, minimum monthly sweeping of curbed streets;
  • Perform street and parking lot cleaning, road painting and any maintenance during dry weather;
  • Increase street sweeping frequency for streets or parking areas with high pollutant loadings, especially in high traffic areas, industrial areas and pollutant loading hotspots like gas stations, fast food and convenience stores;
  • Increase street and parking sweeping frequency just before the beginning and end of the winter to remove accumulated sediments, leaves and other materials;
  • Increase street sweeping frequency for streets in special problem areas such as special events, high litter, erosion zones or construction areas;
  • Do not store swept material or other waste along the side of the street or near a storm drain inlet;
  • Keep debris storage to a minimum during the wet season, or contain piles with berms and cover them with tarps or permanent covers;
  • Never hose off debris from project site, always sweep it off and dispose of it in the trash;
  • When the use of water is necessary, such as saw cuts in the pavement, use as little water as possible and cover each storm drain nearby with filter fabric or plastic
  • Protect stormwater inlets from contamination during road work and parking lot resurfacing with filter fabric;   
  • Concrete trucks and other maintenance or work vehicles off in designated areas away from the drainage system or off site in order to limit the amount of debris that is spread;
  • Thoroughly clean up job sites when the road and parking lot repair work is complete;
  • If chemicals are required, use the least toxic available; and
  • Recycle paint and other materials whenever possible.

Also see:

  • EPA NPDES II Good Housekeeping


    Street sweeper: City of Bellingham, WA

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