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Lake County State's Attorney  
What is Equality?


Economic Partnership

When partners make money decisions together. Making sure both partners benefit from financial arrangements.

Negotiation and Fairness

When partners seek mutually satisfying resolutions to conflict, accept changes, and are willing to compromise.

Non-Threatening Behavior

Talking and acting so that she feels comfortable expressing herself and doing things.


Making sure to listen to your partner, without being judgmental, being emotionally supportive and valuing your partner's opinion.

Trust and Support

Supporting your partner's goals in life, respecting their right to their own feelings, friends, activities and opinions.

Honesty and Accountability

Accountability and responsibility for yourself, acknowledge past use of violence, admitting being wrong, communicating openly and truthfully.

Responsible Parenting

Sharing parental responsibilities, being a positive, non-violent role model for the children.

Shared Responsibility

Mutually agreeing on a fair distribution of work, making family decisions together.

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