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Statistics Related to Domestic Violence and Children


  1. Children are present in 45-55 percent of homes where the police intervene in a domestic violence call.

  2. Sixty-three percent of juveniles charged with murder are either for killing an abusive father, step-father or mother's live-in boyfriend in an attempt to protect the mother.

  3. Being the victim of abuse or neglect as a child, increases the risk of arrest as a juvenile by 53 percent, as an adult by 38 percent and/or a violent crime by 38 percent.

  4. Although children may not observe violence, they almost always are aware that it is occurring. Even babies are known to be affected by domestic violence.

  5. Men who batter often use the children to control the behavior of their female partners. For example, an abuser may threaten to harm the children to stop the victim from leaving him.
  1. When mothers are battered, the father is about three times more likely to be the children's abuser than in families where women battering did not occur.

  2. In families where women battering occurs, the rate of child abuse or serious neglect is 1500 percent higher than the national average.

  3. Most experts believe that children who are raised in abusive homes learn that violence is an effective way to resolve conflicts and problems.

  4. Boys who witness their mothers' being abused are more likely to batter their female partners as adults, than boys raised in nonviolent homes.

  5. Today's child growing up in a violent home may be tomorrow's prison inmate. A great majority of violent criminals were raised in abusive homes.

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