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Sheriff's Office  

Required Documents

  • Summons and Alias Summons
    One (1) original summons with court seal per case number, two (2) copies of the summons and one (1) copy of the complaint or petition.  If more than one (1) person is being served (including unknown occupants), provide one (1) additional copy of the summons and complaint per service.
  • Wage Deductions Summons (Garnishment)
    One (1) original summons, two (2) copies of the summons and two (2) copies of the notice and affidavit.
  • Citation to Discover Assets
    One (1) original citation, two (2) copies of the citation and two (2) copies of the notice.
  • Notice of Motion
    Two (2) copies of the notice and one (1) copy of motion.
  • Body Attachment
    One (1) original, one (1) copy and Body Attachment Information Sheet.
  • Rule to Show Cause
    Two (2) copies. No original.
  • Notice By Posting
    Original notice and four (4) copies. No affidavits.
  • Subpoena
    One (1) original and one (1) copy.
  • Order for Possession (Eviction Order)
    One (1) certified copy (clerk stamp on the back) plus one (1) copy and the Eviction Request Form.
  • Replevin
    Original bond plus two (2) copies of the bond, one (1) original complaint plus one (1) copy, original order plus one (1) copy, cover letter, contact sheet, and Replevin Enforcement Form.
  • Tax Notices
    Two (2) copies of the notice per person to be served certified cards for all mailable notices, three (2) labels per person for mailings and a service list with the return information for affidavits.

If papers are filed outside of Lake County, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope for service return.

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