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Water Resources  

Stop Pollution

What is nonpoint source (NPS) pollution?

Nonpoint source (NPS) pollution is caused by rainfall or melted snow. This water runoff picks up and carries away natural and human-made pollutants and deposits them into lakes, rivers, wetlands, and even our underground sources of drinking water. These pollutants can include: fertilizers, oil, grease, and toxic chemicals, and bacteria and nutrients from livestock, pet wastes, and faulty septic systems. (Source: EPA) We know that these pollutants have harmful effects on drinking water supplies, recreation, fisheries, and wildlife.

What you can do

  • Keep litter, pet wastes, leaves, and debris out of street gutters and storm drains--these outlets drain directly to lake, streams, rivers, and wetlands.
  • Apply lawn and garden chemicals sparingly and according to directions.
  • Properly dispose of used oil, antifreeze, paints, and other household chemicals properly, not in storm sewers or drains. One way is to bring them to Household Chemical Waste collection events.
  • Clean up spilled brake fluid, oil, grease, and antifreeze. Do not hose them into the street where they can eventually reach local streams and lakes.
  • Purchase household detergents and cleaners that are low in phosphorous to reduce the amount of nutrients discharged into our lakes, streams and coastal waters.
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