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Recorder of Deeds  

Frequently Asked Questions




Where is the Recorder's Office located and what are the office hours?

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Our office hours are 8:30AM to 5:00PM Monday through Friday. We are located on the sixth floor of the administration tower of the Lake County Building at 18 N County St in Waukegan. Please call 847.377.2575 for directions.


How do I obtain a copy of my deed?

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You can request a copy from our office in person, by mail, fax, phone or email. If your request is by phone or fax you will need to pay with a credit card. Please call our Copies/Microfilm Department at 847.377.2678 if you wish to place an order.


How much will it cost to record or obtain copies of my document(s)?

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Please refer to our fee schedule to determine the applicable recording and copy fees charged by our office in accordance with state regulations.


I recently paid off my mortgage and my bank sent me a release deed. What do I need to do now?

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If the release deed has already been recorded you'll see a file stamp with a document number, recording date and other information from the Recorder's Office. If that's the case, there is nothing you need to do except file the document away in a safe place.


If the release deed has not been recorded, you should submit that document to the Lake County Recorder of Deeds Office for recording. This may be done by mail or in person on the sixth floor of the County Building.


If you mail it in, please write the words "MAIL TO" somewhere on the document followed by the address where the original document should be mailed back to after processing.


Please refer to our fee schedule to determine the applicable recording fees charged by our office in accordance with state regulations.


How do I do a title search?

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By law, the Recorder's Office is not allowed to perform title searches and we can only provide you with information we have available. You may visit our office and we will assist you in tracing property ownership and other property tax-related information that is accessible on one of our eighteen public access terminals.


Please note that only a title company can perform and guarantee a full search of the property; something we are unable to do for you.


How can I pay for the recording or copies fees?

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We accept cash or checks (made payable to the Lake County Recorder), as well as Discover, MasterCard and VISA credit card payments for all services that we provide. Frequent customers also have the option of opening a charge account, which enables them to be billed on a monthly basis.


How do I open a charge account?

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Requests for a charge account must include a company name, mailing address, phone/fax numbers and a point of contact for billing issues. Requests must be written and may be submitted via mail or fax. Once your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation letter with your charge account code to be used for your transactions.


For further information regarding charge accounts and/or billing questions, please contact our Billing Department at 847.377.2035 or send an email to


Can I view data or images over the Internet?

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If you need to research land records over the Internet you may wish to obtain Online Access. This product will allow you to conduct business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


For more information, please refer to our Online Access Information page. It is our hope that you find this new product easy to use from the convenience of your office.


Do you maintain birth, marriage and death record archives?

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No - These records are maintained by the Vital Records Department of the Lake County Clerk's Office, which is located on the first floor of the County Administration Building. Their phone number is 847.377.2411.


How can I get in contact with a supervisor to address a concern I may have?

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Please call our main office number at 847.377.2575 and the receptionist will transfer your call to the appropriate supervisor. In the event that the office supervisor is unavailable to take your call at that time, they have voice mail-equipped phone lines and will respond back to you ASAP - so please do not hesitate to leave a message.


Office supervisors receive email at and you can send your messages, comments, suggestions, compliments or concerns directly to them.

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