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Lake County Public Works  

North Libertyville Estates Levee

The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers designed and constructed the North Libertyville Estates Levee in 1997 to protect the subdivision from flooding from the Des Plaines River. As many people may recall, chronic flooding impacted the subdivision prior to construction of the levee. Flooding has not occurred since the levee was built. Lake County is the local sponsor for this project.

If you have additional questions, please contact Lake County Public Works at 847.377.7500 or

What are the basic levee features?
The levee consists of earthen materials (soil) and is about 1 mile long.

See the attached map for details of the levee location.

Who inspects and maintains the North Libertyville Levee?
The Lake County Public Works Department is responsible for inspecting, maintaining, operating and repairing the levee.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers performs routine inspections on an annual basis, and conducts an in-depth, periodic inspection every five years.

Will the levee prevent future flooding within the subdivision?
There are no assurances when we are dealing with Mother Nature; however, we know that the levee as currently built would  have contained all known floods since the subdivision was built in 1954. The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers determined the  levee provides protection against a 33 year flood event. This means that, on average, a flood that the levee cannot contain  could occur one time every 33-year period. In other words, in any particular year there is a 3% probability of a flood that the  levee cannot contain. The chance of a flood occurring is based on the average of what is expected over a long period of time.

See the attached map for a comparison of past flood levels to the height of the levee.

Do residents of North Libertyville Estates need flood insurance?
Yes, flood insurance is recommended for homes within the 100 year flood plain to protect against an extreme flood event.

Is there a flood warning plan?
Yes.  A gauge at the storm water pump station monitors the river level and provides notification to Lake County personnel.  If necessary, Lake County will contact residents by phone when the river approaches a high water level, and again when an  evacuation is ordered.

The bi-monthly sewer/water bill for North Libertyville Estates customers includes a $10 levee maintenance fee.   How are these fees used?
Levee maintenance fees fund levee mowing, rock erosion control replacement, pump operation and maintenance, tree removal, and other miscellaneous maintenance and repair expenses.

What else should residents know about living next to the levee?
Residents should keep fences, trees, bushes, fire pits, and garbage barrels away from the levee. These encroachments can hinder operations and maintenance, or negatively impact the integrity of the levee. Also, do not dump leaves and grass clippings in the levee ditches, and refrain from driving motorized vehicles on the levee. Your assistance in this regard will help minimize levee maintenance costs.

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