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Lake County Public Works  

Inspection Services

Lake County Public Works performs water and sewer inspection services to ensure that residential, commercial and industrial customers are in compliance with public health and environmental safety standards.  To verify that a property is within our inspection jurisdiction please view the maps of our Water Service Areas and Sewer Service Areas.  For information about building permit inspections view the Lake County Planning, Building & Development website.

Water Service Inspection - required for final permit approval prior to water meter installation

  • Water service inspections confirm that new or altered connections conform to permit specifications.  Contractors must provide bond verification before an inspection will be scheduled.  Connection to the distribution system is granted following final permit approval.

To schedule an inspection call our office or your assigned inspector at least 48 hours in advance.  You must provide the site location (service address, Public Works permit number, subdivision and lot number, or PIN) and the phone number of an on-site contact.  If a chlorination test is required please provide four days notice.  Water meter installation can be scheduled after final permit approval has been verified.

Sanitary Sewer Service Inspection - required for final sanitary sewer permit approval

  • Sanitary sewer inspections are required for new construction, repair, disconnect or reconnect of a sanitary sewer service.  Contractors must be bonded and current bond status verified before the inspection is performed.  Construction and materials must meet all defined standards before connection to our collection system is approved.

To schedule an inspection call our office or your assigned inspector at least 48 hours in advance.  You must provide the site location (service address, Public Works permit number, subdivision and lot number, or PIN) and the phone number of an on-site contact.

Backflow Prevention (Cross Connection Control) Inspection - required annually for all backflow prevention devices

  • Backflow occurs when contaminated water from an outside source is drawn into the drinking water system.  Cross connection control devices protect the water system by preventing backflow.  These devices are required for designated residential and commercial facilities, including all lawn irrigation and fire protection systems.  For information, contact Phil Speck at 847.377.7151.

Property owners or managers are responsible for annual testing of each backflow prevention device under their control.  Inspections must be performed by a licensed Illinois plumber with Cross Connection Control Device Inspector (CCCDI) certification.  Results of the inspection are submitted directly to our office by the CCCDI plumber.

Industrial Waste Pretreatment - monitoring of pollutants discharged by industrial users

  • Certain pollutants are controlled or prohibited under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (Clean Water Act) and the Lake County Sewer Use Ordinance.  We monitor designated industries within our service areas to ensure that their discharge meets local, state and federal limits.  As the owner and operator of four wastewater treatment plants, it is our responsibility to produce a final effluent that does not impact the receiving streams or rivers. 

The Industrial Waste Pretreatment Survey determines if a user meets the definition of a Categorical or Significant Industrial User.  An updated survey will be required periodically and must be completed promptly upon request.  Please direct any questions to Philip Speck at 847.377.7151.

Industrial Waste Pretreatment Survey 
PLEASE NOTE: Print this document on legal size paper.

Grease Trap Inspection - required annualy for all regulated businesses

  • Lake County’s Fats, Oils and Greases (FOG) Ordinance  protects the sewer systems and public health by reducing sanitary sewer overflows caused by fat, oil and grease.  Before a sewer permit is issued, regulated businesses and Food Service Establishments (FSE) must obtain a discharge license and install proper grease traps. Inspections confirm that grease traps are operating properly and that they have been serviced and cleaned according to schedule.  For more information contact Phil Speck at 847.377.7151.

During the sewer permit process, discharge license applicants must complete the FOG Discharge Application Form .

Grease trap cleaning and maintenance is documented on the Grease Trap Service Report Form .

Grease trap service agencies trained and certified by Lake County are listed at Preferred Grease Waste Haulers .




















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