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Site Capacity Calculations and Natural Resource Protection Standards

Site Capacity Calculations

What are Site Capacity Calculations?

Site Capacity Calculations determine the intensity of development permitted on site. The calculations determine the maximum number of dwelling units for a residential development, or the maximum amount of floor area and/or impervious surface area for a nonresidential development.

When are Site Capacity Calculations required?

Site Capacity Calculations are required when a proposed development meets one the applicability requirements found in Section 4.1 of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).

Is a consultant required to perform these calculations?

Site Capacity Calculations are designed to be prepared by the applicant.  However, assistance is available from the Zoning and Development Services Division at 847.377.2875.

What information should I have to prepare these calculations?

The following documents and/or information should be available when preparing the calculations:

  • Plat of survey of the property showing the legal boundaries and area of the property.
  • The types and extent of natural resources (see below) present on the property.
  • The maximum density (residential development), or the floor area factor and impervious surface ratio (nonresidential development). These are found in the Density and Dimensional Standard Tables in Section 7.1 of the UDO.

Is there a worksheet that will assist in preparing these calculations? 

A worksheet has been prepared to assist the preparation of Site Capacity Calculations. The following links provide access to these worksheets:

Natural Resource Protection Standards

Article 4 of the UDO establishes standards for the protection of the following natural resources: Woodlands , Woodland Groves, Significant Trees, Wetlands, Linear (streams, channels, natural drainageways) and Nonlinear (lakes, ponds) water bodies, Floodplains and Steep Slopes.

The following link illustrates the relationship between Site Capacity Calculations and Natural Resource Protection standards.

Site Capacity and Natural Resource Protection in Subdivision Design

If you have difficulties opening the document, you may need to download PowerPoint Viewer.

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