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Site Plan and Topographic Survey

Site Plan

A Site Plan is a drawing prepared to scale showing the proposed development of a parcel. Generally, a site plan shows:

  • Title, legal description, scale, and north arrow
  • Property lines with dimensions 
  • Easements
  • Existing and proposed structures
  • Roads, driveways and walkways
  • Water bodies and drainage-ways

In cases where there are floodplains, steep slopes, existing or potential erosion or drainage issues, an engineer may be required to prepare a grading plan.

Detailed Residential Site Plan Requirements
Detailed Commercial Site Plan Requirements - please contact our office at 847.377.2600

Topographic Survey
A Topographic Survey is a survey that records the relief or elevation of a parcel and represents it as contours lines on a map or plot.

The following information shall be included on a Topographic Survey, at minimum:

  • All property boundaries and dimensions
  • Contour intervals of one foot (1' ) referenced to National Geodetic Vertical Datum
  • Regulatory 100-year floodplain limit

The Topographic Survey must, at minimum:

  • Be prepared by an engineer or surveyor registered by the State of Illinois
  • Bear the original signature and seal of the preparer (Copies are not accepted)
  • Be submitted in triplicate

For detailed Topographic Survey requirements - please contact our office at 847.377.2600

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