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Lake County Redistricting Information  

Board Approves New District Map
The Lake County Board approved
a new district map that reduces the size of the board from 23 to 21 members. The map will take effect in December 2012, when the terms of office for the current members expire, and a new slate of board members is elected.

County boards are required to redraw district lines so that each direct has equal population, according to federal and state laws. The reapportionment process takes place every 10 years, following the U.S. Census.

2010 Census
The County will use the 2010 census data from the United States Census Bureau, which showed our population at 703,462, an increase of 9.2%.
View Census data.

Redistricting Process
At the March 15 County Board meeting, the Board created a bi-partisan reapportionment committee made up of seven County Board members.

On April 11, the Reapportionment Committee met and voted on creating a new map with 21 districts. On June 7, the committee unanimously approved an ordinance adopting an apportionment plan, including a map with new district boundaries for the Lake County Board. 

On June 14, 2011, the County Board adopted the new map, which reflects new boundaries for 21 districts, with each district having a target population of 33,498.

The law requires consideration of several factors during the reapportionment process:
• Compliance with the requirements of the Illinois Counties Code, federal and state constitutions, and the federal Voting Rights Act.
• Contiguous and compact districts
• Minimization of municipal and township fracturing
The County retained expert legal counsel and a professional demographer that provided valuable expertise throughout the process.

Lake County District Information
There are currently 23 board members that represent 23 districts. View map that shows the 23 districts.

Prior to 1992, Lake County had multi-member districts (between four and five), and several board members represented a single district. In 1992, the Board moved to 23 single member districts.

State law says that county governments, having a population of less than 3 million inhabitants and the township form of government, may have as few as 5 districts, or up to 29 districts.

When these districts were created 10 years ago, the population for each district was roughly 28,015.

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