Prairie Pointe Updates

July - Final Update

Repairs to the iron removal system are complete. The system has been flushed and we have returned to normal operations.  We greatly appreciate your patience!

Laboratory test shows an iron concentration of 0.23 mg/L which is consistent with the normal level in the system before the trouble started in February and well below the recommended IEPA level of 1.0 mg/L.  If you experience any lingering discolorization in the water caused by the flushing and the problems associated with the excess iron in the water distribution system, please call the number below.

Is the water safe?

Yes, the water is safe to consume. Lake County will continue to test the water to assure that it is in compliance with the IEPA’s regulatory standards. 

Where do I direct my questions/concerns? 

Please contact Lake County Public Works Operations Manager Austin McFarlane at 847-377-7500 or send an email to

We thank you for your patience during the rehabilitation of the iron removal system and once again apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.