Internship Opportunities

Throughout the year, Lake County departments and offices offer internship programs for those currently enrolled in school, recent graduates, or anyone looking to start a new career. View Lake County's current internship opportunities. 

Division of Transportation

The Lake County Division of Transportation has two exciting LCDOT Internsummer internship opportunities in the fields of GIS and Engineering. The GIS intern will perform beginning technical GIS work such as inventory gathering along county bikeways and highways, maintaining spatial data, and map creation. The engineering intern will gain experience in beginning level engineering work such as surveying, performing basic construction inspections, conducting field and laboratory tests on construction materials, and collecting traffic data for traffic studies.

Stormwater Management Commission

The Lake County Stormwater Management Commission (SMC) is cSMC Internshipurrently accepting applications for a GIS Intern for Summer 2018. If you have an emphasis in GIS, geography or a related field, this might be the perfect position for you. The GIS and Planning Intern will maintain a GIS of wetland jurisdictional boundaries, identify detention basins in the Lake Michigan Watershed, assist the SMC Stormwater Coordinator, create and/or enhance maps in ArcGIS online, and more!

Current Job Opportunities

We have many offices and departments that specialize in providing different services for Lake County. From law enforcement and health care to engineering and information technology, we offer a wide spectrum of careers.