Hunt Club Rd at IL Route 132

Project Limits: 

  • Hunt Club Road: South of the Target/Menards entrance to north of Westbrook Lane
  • IL Route 132: West of the Home Depot/Sam’s Club entrance to east of Gurnee Mills Circle West
Description: The objective of this study is to analyze and develop safety improvements for the intersection of Hunt Club Road and Illinois Route 132. The project is located in the Village of Gurnee and is led by the Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT).
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Current Information

10/6/17 - The Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) is currently studying the intersection of Hunt Club Road and IL 132 to look at intersection safety and congestion. This is one of the most heavily traveled intersections in Lake County. During Phase I, project partners determined that improvements were needed at the intersection to reduce accidents and to provide enhanced pedestrian accommodations. There was a public meeting in March of this year where residents and businesses had the opportunity to review plans and provide feedback. The project is now moving into Phase II Engineering, which is the design stage. Construction is not expected until 2019.

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