Voting Options


All registered Lake County voters are eligible to vote by mail, vote early or vote on Election Day.

Voting Before Election Day
On Election Day

Early Voting
Any registered voter in Lake County may choose to vote early starting 15 days before the traditional Election Day. Check your voter registration status. Early voting ends the Monday before Election Day. Each voter has a convenient local site available for early voting. Each household with registered voters receives a postcard prior to the election listing early voting and Election Day sites for the addressee.

Beginning approximately 40 days before each election, confirm your voting site for both early voting and Election Day. You may view a picture of the building, see a map and view driving directions to your site. Also, view a sample of your official ballot online approximately 40 days before each election.

Voting By Mail
Any registered voter in Lake County may choose to vote by mail. Voters may submit an online request for a ballot or may mail an application for a ballot prior to Election Day. Voters may enroll in one of our programs offering the mailing of an application for a ballot to a specified address and for the elections selected. For more information, see our Voting by Mail page.

Where do I vote?
Your voting site is determined by your precinct number and is listed on your Certificate of Voter's Registration Card. Also included on your card are the districts and units of government for which you are entitled to vote; those common to all Lake County voters (countywide, statewide, U.S. Senate, and President) are not listed on the card due to space limitations.

All voting sites are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Election Day and are handicap accessible.
Don't have a Voter Registration card? Go to our Voter Power Page to check your voter registration status, find your voting site and print your Certificate of Registration.

Curbside Voting
Any handicapped or elderly voter who is physically unable to enter the voting site may request voting assistance outside the room for voting, usually at curbside in a car.
The voter should notify our office of this request by calling (847) 377-2406 at least one day in advance of Election Day.

Provisional Voting
A person not verified as registered on Election Day may vote a provisional ballot. The Clerk’s Office works with state agencies (Secretary of State’s DMV, State Board of Elections, etc.) and determines if a provisional ballot is:
  1. Valid and cast after Election Day.
  2. Invalid and not cast after Election Day.
You have 7 days after Election Day to provide documents supporting your claim of registration. Deliver this information to the Lake County Clerk’s Office, 18 N. County Street, Room 101, Waukegan. Hand deliveries should be directed to Debra Nieto at 847-377-2310.

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Voting Device
The ES&S AutoMARK Voting System is available at all voting locations to serve Lake County voters who are blind, have limited vision or limited dexterity that prevents them from marking the ballot without assistance. This is the first ADA compliant voting system to be certified by the Illinois Board of Elections for use in Illinois.
The ADA equipment is available at every early voting and Election Day voting site. Demonstrations of the accessible voting system can be scheduled through the County Clerk's office by calling 847-377-2314.

Watch our video about the AutoMARK Voting System to see how voting in Lake County is accessible, convenient and totally private.
AutoMARK Voting System