Election Workers


Election Judge Duties

Election judges work in the voting site from 5:15 AM until the voting sites close at 7:00 PM, and all closing work is complete.

Election judges are responsible for the proper and lawful conduct of the election. Election Judges are commissioned as officers of the Circuit Court and must take an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States and the State of Illinois in the performance of their duties. 

Election judges ensure that every person qualified to vote is permitted to vote and that every person permitted to vote is qualified to vote.

Qualifications to be an Election Judge

(10ILCS 5/13-4)
  1. Be a citizen of the United States and entitled to vote at the next election or be a high school junior/senior in good standing or a student enrolled in a Lake County public, community college or private secondary school.
  2. Be of good repute and character.
  3. Be able to speak, read and write the English language.
  4. Be skilled in the four fundamental rules (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) of arithmetic.
  5. Be of good understanding and capable to perform his/her duties.
  6. Be neither a candidate for any office at the election nor an elected precinct committeeman.

How Do I Learn What Election Judges Do?

Classes that provide an overview of the process and duties of election judges are offered at several locations throughout the county. There are no fees for classes.
  1. Introductory Basic Training is valid for a two-year period. It provides an overview of the legal and procedural requirements, as well as hands-on experience processing a voter. Registration is required. Call 847-377-2408.
  2. Advanced Training is for judges who have completed the Introductory Training. Illinois requires attending training every two (2) years to maintain trained status.
  3. Optional Online Training is offered to trained judges for review of election procedures from a home or library computer with Internet access.
  4. Voter Services Judge Training is to certify judges in the setup and use of ADA equipment and use of ePollbooks to assist voters with completion of Election Day grace registration; provisional ballots and to provide assistance at the Check-in Table, when available. Completion of specialized training is required.
  5. Ballot Box Judge Training is to certify judges on operating the Ballot Counter for the voting site. Completion of specialized training is required. Registration is required.

Are Election Judges Paid?

Judges who maintain a trained status receive $140.00.

Judges who do not maintain current trained statuses are not guaranteed to work and will only earn $80.00 if assigned to serve. Additional pay can be earned by attending additional training and taking on extra responsibilities before and on Election Day. (See Pay Rate Schedule below).

Pay Rate Schedule for Lake County Election Judges
Base Pay (no current trained status) $80.00
“Trained” status. Basic or Advanced (every other year) $140.00
Optional Online Review Training, when available * add + $10.00
Certified Ballot Box Judge (if assigned) add + $40.00
Certified Voter Services Judge (if assigned) add + $25.00
Judge serving out of township (if needed) add + $10.00
Trained Nursing Home Judge** add + $30.00
* $10.00 additional for completing and passing online training, when available.
** Nursing home judges must serve on Friday or Saturday before Election Day, as well as Election Day.

What About Party Affiliation?

Election judges at each voting site represent the two major political parties. Individuals must declare a party (Republican or Democrat) in order to become a judge. The party which cast the highest average of votes at the most recent three gubernatorial elections in the precinct shall be represented by 3 judges; the party which casts the second highest number of votes at the most recent 3 gubernatorial elections in the precinct shall be represented by two judges.

Who Selects Election Judges?

In the spring of even-numbered years, the County Board approves election judges from certified lists furnished by the Lake County Central Committee Chairman for each party. All judges are designated as either Regular or Alternate.
The lists are submitted to the Circuit Court for comment. If no objections are filed, election judges are commissioned as Officers of the Court for two years. The County Clerk's office mails each election judge an Election Judge Commission certificate.

How Will I Know if I am to Serve?

All regular judges who indicate availability for an election within the availability deadline, receive a scheduling notice from the Lake County Clerk's Elections Department.
This mailing lists the name and address of the voting site where they are to serve. When regular judges are not available to serve, alternate judges who are available are scheduled to serve.

Election Judge Online Application

If you wish to serve as an election judge in Lake County, complete the online form. Any questions? See our web page with detailed information on being an election judge or send us an email. You can also call 847-377-2408, Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Lake County election judge!