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  1. Careers

    Access a listing of job openings for Lake County.

  2. Immunizations

    Locate valuable immunization information and resources.

  3. Inspections

    The Health Department's Food Protection Program is responsible for permitting, regulating and inspecting over 3,000 food service facilities operating in Lake County.

  4. Medical Records

    The Health Information Management (HIM)/Medical Records program plays a critical role in maintaining, collecting and analyzing the data that physicians, nurses and other health care providers rely on to deliver quality health care.

  5. Pet Registration

    Do you know where your pet's identification tag is? The most common reason pets are not found is they have no identification.

  6. Septic Evaluations

    The Health Department (LCHD) offers the service of performing well and septic evaluations at existing properties.

  7. Water Wells

    Staff inspect and monitor private, semi-private and irrigation wells along with non-community water systems to protect groundwater from contamination and assure safe drinking water for citizens of Lake County in both incorporated and unincorporated areas.