County Board Committees

  1. Committee of the Whole

    The Committee of the Whole is responsible for overall standing committee coordination and overall County policies and objectives.

  2. Diversity and Inclusion Committee

    The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is responsible for fostering an understanding of diverse cultures, races, religions and beliefs in Lake County.

  3. Ethics and Oversight Committee

    The purpose of the Ethics Committee shall be to preview and revise the County's Ethics Ordinance and to assist in the enforcement of the Lake County Standards of Conduct Ordinance authorized by Public Act 98-0779.

  4. Financial & Administrative Committee

    The Financial and Administrative Committee is responsible for County budgeting, wages, employee benefits, capital improvements, and other administrative items.

  5. Health & Community Services Committee

    The Health and Community Services Committee is responsible for community and economic development, housing and tourism, and budget and ordinance reviews for health-related issues.

  6. Law & Judicial Committee

    The Law and Judicial Committee is responsible for setting many court fees, the Fox Waterway Advisory Board, and oversight of the Emergency Telephone Systems Board (911).

  7. Planning, Building & Zoning Committee

    The Planning, Building and Zoning Committee is responsible for Land Use Planning, Comprehensive Planning, and building and zoning issues.

  8. Public Works & Transportation Committee

    The Public Works and Transportation Committee is responsible for County transportation, water districts, and sanitary districts.

  9. Rules Committee

    The Rules Committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending changes to the Rules of Order and Operational Procedures.