Justice for Youth

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The State Attorney poses with the youth of Lake County
The Lake County State's Attorney's Office is committed to battling issues that lead to the emotional and physical distress of youth in the area. It is our goal to provide a diverse set of resources that deal with subjects such as:
  • Being Safe at Home and/or School;
  • Bullying;
  • Gang Violence;
  • Healthy Relationships; and
  • Substance Abuse.
  1. Bee Safe at Home/School

    Access resources that will help you to prevent youth suicide within your community.

  2. Gangs

    Learn what you can do to stop gang violence within your community.

  3. Girl-Wise Yearly Symposium

  4. Healthy Relationships

  5. Rise Above/Anti-Bullying

    Please take the time to identify various resources that will help to educate and eventually prevent the bullying of the Lake County youth.

  6. Substance Abuse

    Learn how to deal with teen substance abuse issues within your community.

  7. Youth Coloring Book

  8. Cyber Safety

    The Lake County State's Attorney's Office is committed to educating the community on how to keep youth safe while surfing the internet.