Permits and Applications


In all Lake County Public Works service areas, a permit may be required for the following activities:
  • New or additional water and/or sewer connections
  • New or additional water services (e.g. adding an irrigation water meter (PDF))
  • Non-residential construction involving building additions, change of use or multi-family construction involving construction of additional dwelling units.
  • Water and/or sewer service connection repairs, disconnection, re-connection, or abandonment.
Lake County Public Works does not issue permits for the following:
  • Exterior plumbing within 5 feet of the building
  • Interior plumbing
  • Locations outside our service areas
  • Septic systems
  • Storm sewers
  • Wells



State licensed plumbers and contractors can provide a valid state plumbing license number, or copy of a valid state plumbing license, to forego the $5,000 license and permit bond.