Tenant Information

  • The Lake County Sheriff's Office is the only entity able to enforce an eviction.
  • Landlords or homeowners cannot prevent a tenant(s) from entering the premises under any circumstance (i.e. changing the locks) unless an eviction was enforced.
  • An eviction will be scheduled for enforcement following the Lake County Sheriff's Office receipt of a court order (Forcible Entry and Detainer Order (PDF)), signed by a Judge.
  • If landlord/owner attempts to evict a tenant(s) prior to the date listed on the Final Eviction Notice, tenant(s) should contact their local law enforcement agency.
  • Evictions are not enforced the week prior to and the week following Christmas. Evictions may be canceled due to severe weather, as determined by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office will call and cancel evictions with the landlord/owner if severe weather prohibits the eviction.
  • An eviction can be stopped only by Plaintiff/Plaintiff’s Attorney, or by a court order specifically staying/stopping the eviction. The court order must be signed by a Judge. A motion does not stop an eviction. If the tenant(s) receives a stay order, it is the tenant(s)’s responsibility to notify the landlord/owner and the Sheriff’s Office, on the same day, to ensure the eviction will be canceled. The Sheriff’s Office will not contact the landlord/owner.
Tenant(s) seeking assistance with food, shelter and medical services may view the Family Crisis Services Brochure (PDF), PADS Emergency Shelter Sites or connect with the Find Help Lake County website.