Eviction Process

The eviction procedure begins with serving a Landlord/Tenant notice. Please note: Please view Eviction Procedures (PDF). Please contact the Lake County Circuit Clerk’s Office (847-377-3380) to obtain the requirements for a proper service. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office does not serve these papers. After service is complete, a notarized copy of the Landlord/Tenant notice for eviction is filed with the Lake County Circuit Clerk’s Office.

Serving Eviction

The original Summons with the court seal, 1 Summons (PDF) and 1 Complaint (PDF) for each person to be served are required. Only cash or checks are accepted. Please call the Civil Process Division at 847-377-4400 or view our service fee schedule (PDF). Please be aware serving unknown occupants is a separate service the Sheriff's Office recommends. The Sheriff’s Office requires a minimum of 2 weeks to attempt service. Know your court date and plan time for service.

After service is attempted or completed, the affidavits of service are returned to the Circuit Clerk’s Office and placed in the corresponding case file. The Deputy’s affidavit discloses if the papers were served or not. To verify service please call 847-377-4400 and provide the legal secretary with your case number.

Order of Possession

An Order of Possession gives the Sheriff the authority to return possession of the property back to the Plaintiff or Plaintiff's Attorney.

The Order of Possession is signed by the Judge. A certified copy of the Order of Possession will be available the next business day. Bring the Order of Possession plus one copy, along with the Eviction Request Form (PDF) to the Sheriff’s Office to schedule an eviction date. Evictions are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. A fee must be paid at time of scheduling.

Plaintiff Responsibility

A Deputy Sheriff will meet the Plaintiff at the address and notify the Plaintiff where to place remaining belongings. Belongings taken out of the property must remain at the designated location for a minimum of 24 hours. It is the Plaintiff’s responsibility to be at the eviction site at the designated time with capable movers, and be prepared to open doors and change locks.  It is the Plaintiff’s responsibility to provide tarps to cover items during inclement weather.

All items must remain on the premises for 24 hours. After the 24-hour period passes, it is Plaintiff’s responsibility to dispose of the items according to the city/municipal ordinance of the eviction location. For personal property located outside the residence, it is the responsibility of the Plaintiff to inform the Deputy of the removal.


Invoices will be sent to the Plaintiff/Plaintiff’s Attorney within 1 week of the eviction. Payment is due upon receipt or legal action may occur. Failure to pay may result in legal action and/or suspension of future eviction scheduling privileges as well as other civil process services.

Further Information

Please contact the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Civil Process at 847-377-4400 if you have questions.