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Public Works Services
In addition to providing water and sanitary sewer services, Lake County Public Works performs other government services to protect consumers and the environment. We conduct testing, perform inspections and regulate permits that pertain to water and sanitary sewer issues.

Our service areas are primarily unincorporated areas of Lake County. Visit the Lake County Home Page for a complete list of county government services.
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Des Plaines Plant
  1. Inspection Services

    Lake County Public Works performs water and sewer inspection services to ensure that residential, commercial and industrial customers are in compliance with public health and environmental safety standards.

  2. North Libertyville Estates Levee

    The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers designed and constructed the North Libertyville Estates Levee in 1997 to protect the subdivision from flooding from the Des Plaines River. As many people may recall, chronic flooding impacted the subdivision prior to construction of the levee.

  3. Our Sanitary Sewer Systems

    Find a list of sanitary sewer system service area maps.

  4. Our Water Distribution Systems

    Map and description of the public water distribution systems owned by Lake County

  5. Report a Problem

    Contacting a utility service can sometimes be confusing. The easiest way to find the correct phone number is to look on your bill. If you are a new resident check with your realtor or ask a neighbor for the name of your service provider.

  6. Sanitary Sewer Services

    The Lake County Public Works Department owns and operates three sewage treatment plants, also known as water reclamation facilities. We process the wastewater of approximately 25,000 direct customers and over 100,000 contractual customers by agreement with fourteen Lake County municipalities.

  7. Septic & Sanitary Sewage Waste Disposal Program

    Approved waste haulers may dispose of residential seepage, holding tank waste and semi-solid drying bed material at the Mill Creek Water Reclamation Facility. Waste material accepted at the site is strictly regulated to comply with the Lake County Sewer Use Ordinance and with state and federal environmental standards.

  8. Services Overview

    Read about a variety of services and programs through the Public Works Department.