1. Tax Extension

    View information about the tax rate calculation process and find answers to frequently asked questions.

    1. Frequently Asked Questions

      Check out answers to frequently asked questions regarding taxing districts and taxpayers.

    2. Tax Extension Data

      View tax extension data by year dating back to 2005.

    3. Tax Extension Process

      The County Clerk is responsible for “extending” (calculating) property tax rates for all taxing districts in Lake County. Though the process is started annually, each cycle takes two years to complete, so the billing for any given tax year occurs in the year following.

  1. Tax Redemption

    if property taxes are not paid on time, they become delinquent and sold at a tax sale. Those sold taxes must be repaid (“redeemed”) in order for the current owner not to lose ownership of the property. The County Clerk’s office administers the redemption process.

    1. Estimate of Redemption

      Read about sold taxes and payment options and estimated redemption prices.

    2. Frequently Asked Questions

      Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the tax redemption process.

    3. Tax Redemption Process

      The County Clerk’s Office administers the redemption process.

    4. Tax Redemption Sample Timeline

      Check out information about a sample timeline for tax redemption in Lake County.