Animal Care & Control

Animal Care and Control (AC&C) is designed to prevent the spread of rabies through vaccinations and education, support a database of registered dogs and cats, and maintain a lost and found network. AC&C staff are responsible for enforcing county ordinances and state laws pertaining to animal-related complaints. Investigations are done regarding nuisance complaints, allegations of animal cruelty or neglect, as well as reports of stray, roaming or injured animals; or dangerous, vicious or biting animals. In efforts to help control the unwanted pet population, the AC&C program provides spay and neuter assistance to low-income residents of Lake County.

  1. Animal Care & Control Ordinances & Acts

    View Animal Care and Control ordinances and acts such as the Illinois Animal Control Act, Humane Care for Animals Act, and more.

  2. Lost & Found Pet Service

    The Animal Care and Control program maintains a Lost and Found Pet Service to help reunite lost pets with their owners.

  3. Partners

    Learn more about department partners such as Spay and Stay, Save a Pet, and Orphans of the Storm Animal Shelter which provide educational programs and adoption services.

  4. Pet Clinics & Costs

    Find out when upcoming clinics are and how much it costs for your pet to be vaccinated.

  5. Rabies

    The number of human rabies cases in this country has dramatically declined due to improved rabies vaccination programs for pets and better treatment for people who have been bitten.

  6. Rabies Tags & Registration Fees

    Rabies tags are required for dogs and cats in Lake County. The most common reason pets are impounded at Animal Care and Control are due to not wearing tags!

  7. Services

    Staff at the Animal Care and Control facility provide the following services.

  8. Spay/Neuter

    Provide spay/neuter assistance to pet owners. Pre or post-surgical expenses may be incurred.

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